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Personal data controller

Suitopia Scandinavia AB (“Suitopia”), is the controller of the personal data you submit to us and responsible for your personal data under applicable data protection law.

Suitopia Scandinavia AB
P.O. Box 10224-12142
Fridhemsgatan 11
112 40 Stockholm

Contact email:
Company registration number: 556711-2601
VAT registration number: SE556711260101

Information collected

The information Suitopia obtained from the use of cookies will not usually contain the individuals’ personal data. Suitopia may obtain information about your computer or any other electronic device which is used to access our website, such as IP address, browser ID and/or other internet log information.
In certain circumstances Suitopia may also collect personal information about the individual but only where the individual voluntarily provides it (e.g. sign up for newsletters) or where a customer purchases products from Suitopia, for example:
  • Contact information such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number: In order to ship the order to you and communicate with you should there be any issues with your order. We also use your email address to send e-newsletters.
  • Measurements and body type: In order to create custom garments for you.
  • IP address: Used to whitelist IP addresses of our partners and to prevent fraud.

Consent for cookies

In most cases Suitopia will need consent to use cookies on this website. The exceptions are where the cookie is essential for Suitopia to provide a service that is requested, or essential to the inherent functionality of the website (e.g. to enable to store items in a shopping basket and/or to use our check-out process).

Type of cookies

There are generally three categories of cookies: ‘Functional’, ‘Analytical’, ‘Marketing’. Suitopia uses all three categories of cookies. The individual can find out more about these cookies below.

Functional cookies

These cookies are essential, as they help make the website usable by enabling functions such as for the individual to move around the website. These cookies are required to let the website function. These cookies allow Suitopia to remember preferences like preferred language. The data Suitopia collects is anonymised and therefore Suitopia cannot identify the individual and these are not used to track the browsing activity on other sites or services.


  • Remember preferences such as location, language;
  • Reading out browser settings to be able to display our website optimally on your screen;
  • Offering the possibility to save log-in data so that the user does not have to enter it every time;

Analytical cookies

These cookies allow Suitopia to monitor the performance of our website and helps Suitopia to understand how the individual interacts with our website. These cookies may be used to allow Suitopia to know that the individual has logged in so that Suitopia can serve a more tailored experience than to a user who has never logged in. Suitopia uses analytical services such as Google Analytics to collect data to analyse trends and user patterns. The information Suitopia collects is done without identifying the individual.


  • Cookies to identify trends and perform analysis on how to improve the website (such as Google Analytics);
  • For Google Analytics Suitopia has anonymized IP addresses, has signed a Data Processing agreement and does not share personal data with third parties.
  • To analyse and identify user patterns

Marketing Cookies

Suitopia uses cookies for marketing purposes such as targeting and social media advertising. Social cookies are cookies placed on social media for personalized advertisement. Marketing cookies are used for Suitopia to analyse the behaviour to send out personalized offers and set up profiles. These cookies have the purpose of tracking the individual across websites and to display advertisements that might interest the individual based on their browser behaviour. When consent is given for Suitopia to place these cookies, Suitopia can send personalized offers (if this includes consent for receiving personalized offers in store or webstore) and offers via partners sites on social media.
Third parties may have the ability to place social cookies on the website of Suitopia and Suitopia may be able to place social cookies on the website and third-party website. Our advertising partners or other third-party partners may use these types of cookies to deliver advertising that is relevant to the interests of individuals. These cookies can remember that a device has visited a site and may also be able to track the device’s browsing activity on other sites or services other than Suitopia. This information may be shared with organizations outside Suitopia, such as advertisers and/or advertising networks to deliver the advertising. Based on the information Suitopia collects Suitopia is able to send more specialized offers and is able to advertise on the website and that of third parties based on the interests of the individual. The information Suitopia collects is purchase behaviour, which advertisements the individual has seen, how often the individual has seen them and whether the individual buys a product.
On some pages of our website the individual may see advertisements/cookies that are not related to Suitopia. When, for example, the individual visits Facebook this third party may set their own cookie on the device of the individual and is then able to use our website to set this cookie. Suitopia does not have control of the use of these third-party cookies and is not able to access these cookies. Cookies can only be accessed by the party who originally set them. Please check the third-party websites for more information about these cookies.

Our third parties are:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Mailchimp


  • Cookie that combines shopping behaviour and when consent is given for newsletters and personalized offers to send personalized offers that might interest the individual;
  • Cookie which sees what products are viewed on our website in order for third parties to offer relevant advertisements.
  • To advertise based on the interests of an individual on our website and that of third parties.

How long will cookies stay on my device?

The length of time a cookie will stay on a computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a “persistent” or “session” cookie. Session cookies will only stay on a device until the individual stops browsing. Persistent cookies stay on a computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted.

How to control and delete cookies

If an individual wants to delete any cookies that are already on the computer, please refer to the help and support section on the internet browser for instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies.
Please note that Suitopia online services cannot always control third-party cookies stored on the machine from our online services and that setting the individual’s cookie preferences with Suitopia will not stop those third-party cookies from being stored on the machine.
Therefore the individual must manage these cookies directly with the relevant third party. Please see the ‘Type of Cookies’ section for more information.
Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at Please note that by deleting the Suitopia cookies or disabling future cookies the individual may not be able to access certain areas or features of the Suitopia site.

Data subject rights

An individual has the ability to request access, restriction, portability, erasure, rectification of your personal data and file a complaint regarding their data subject rights by sending an email to Please make sure the request is specified and provide evidence that it concerns your personal data. Suitopia shall respond to the individual within one month of receipt.

An individual has the following rights:

  • You have the right to be informed about the collection and our use of your personal data.
  • You have the right to request information about the personal data we hold on you at any time. You can contact Suitopia and we will provide you with your personal data via e-mail.
  • You have the right to request rectification of your personal data if the information is incorrect, including the right to have incomplete personal data completed.
  • You have the right to get a copy of your data transferred to you or to another party. This only includes the personal data you have submitted to us.
  • You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances. You have an absolute right to stop your data being used for direct marketing. In other cases, where the right to object applies, we may be able to continue processing if we can show that you have a compelling reason for doing so.
  • You have the right to erase any personal data processed by Suitopia at any time except for the following situations:
    • You have an ongoing matter with Customer Service
    • You have an open order which has not yet been shipped or partially shipped. If you have made any purchase, we will keep your personal data in connection to your transaction for accounting purposes.
Suitopia shall communicate rectification or erasure of the personal data with third parties unless it proves impossible or involves disproportionate effort. Suitopia shall inform the individual about the third parties.


This privacy policy can change from time to time. The most up to date version is published on the website of Suitopia. Suitopia recommends periodically reading our privacy policy. If Suitopia processes major changes to this policy individuals will be kept informed by a notification on our website.